Universal Blade (U-Blade)
This type of blade is equipped with wings (wing) which is on the side of the blade for effective production. This allows the bulldozer to carry / push more loads due to relatively small load losses over a considerable distance. Generally this type of bulldozer is often used for land reclamation work, stock pile work, and so on.

Straight Blade (S-Blade)
Straight blade is suitable for all types of fields, this blade is also a modification of the U-Blade, easier maneuvering and this balade can also handle material easily.

Angling Blade (A-Blade)
Angling blade is made for straight and angled positions. These blades can also be made for side casting, pioneering roads, digging channels (cutting ditches), and other suitable work.

Cushion Blade (C-Blade)
Cushion blade is equipped with a rubber cushion (Rubber cushion) which serves to reduce collisions. Besides being used for push-loading, it is also used for road maintenance and other dozing work considering the width of the C-Blade makes it possible to increase maneuverability.

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