Agricultural tractors are defined as a vehicle that has its own driving force, minimum has a wheel shaft designed to attract and move agricultural tools / machinery. There are 3 types of agricultural tractors, namely:

1. Large Tractor

The main characteristic of large tractors is to have two wheel axles (wheeled four or more), having a length of about 1790 – 2070 mm, width 995 – 1020 mm, weight 385 – 535 kg, and power 12,5 – 20 HP. This tractor is often found in plantation companies that have a large enough area and large enough capital.

2. Mini Tractor

Mini tractor is a tractor that has two axle wheels (four-wheeled), has a length ranging from 1790-2070 mm, width 995-1020 mm, power 385-535 HP, working speed between 0.94 – 4.79 km / hour, and speed transport 7.54 – 13.31 km / hour.

This tractor is driven by a two cylinder or more diesel motor, has an advanced 6 speed, and 2 reverse speeds, which are divided into 4 types of low speed (including reverse speed) and 4 kinds of high speed (including reverse speed), and also have equipped with PTO (power take off), three point hitch (three point coupling / system mounted). Many types of tractors are owned by farmers.

3. Hand tractor

Hand tractors are agricultural tractors that only have one axle (two-wheeled), have a length ranging from 1740 – 2290 mm, width 710 – 880 mm and power 6-10 HP. This tractor is driven by a single cylinder diesel motor.

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