1. Bulldozer

Tools used to process land usually use BULLDOZER, used as a ground propulsion straight and sideways, depending on the axis of the vehicle. For work in swamps, a special type of bulldozer is called a Swamp Bulldozer.

Bulldozers can be divided into two, namely the Crawler Tractor Dozer and the Bulldozer that uses rubber wheels (Wheel Tractor Dozer). The disadvantage of this tool is that the mileage is too short, but it can withstand very heavy loads.

2. Excavator

As a ground digger and can also be used as a material to transport material into the truck. A popular term for this type of digging machine is an excavator. This excavator can be used as a carrier but unfortunately it cannot be used remotely.

3. Wheel Loader, Track Loader

The function of a wheel loader is to move material just like a dozer. This tool has a disadvantage about the distance traveled shorter than the truck.

4. Motor Scraper

The function of the motor scrapper is to cut the slope of the embankment or slope of the dam, digging the soil between concrete buildings or leveling the highway.

This tool is capable of digging up the surface to + 2.5 but unfortunately it can only transport in close proximity.

5. Motor Grader

The function of the motor grader is to evenly open the soil mechanically and for other purposes such as for land eviction, mixing the soil, leveling the embankment, reclaiming the soil excavation and so on.

6. Asphalt Finisher

The use of Asphalt Finisher is to spread the asphalt mixture produced from asphalt production equipment. The lack of a centipede wheel is longer maneuvering, the rubber wheel power threshold is more rough.

7. Mobile Crane

The function of the Mobile Crane is that as a means of transporting material, this tool can move easily but cannot be used on the surface of the water.

8. Pneumatic Tire Roller

The Pneumatic Tire Roller function is used for grinding granular materials, it is also good for using hot mix coatings.

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