How the Wheel loader works uses a hydraulic system. Because hydraulic power has a very large power or power, so it can make it possible to dredge, transport large-sized material or objects. For bucket operation “hydraulic controlled” is used, while cabel controlled control is rarely used on excavators -loader. The use of loaders is usually to load material and carry, and disassemble. If the area around the material is flat, the loader can move freely.

Wheel loaders work with basic movements on the bucket by carrying loads to be loaded onto a conveyance or other means. The important bucket movement is to lower the bucket above the ground, push forward (load / displace), lift the bucket, carry and dispose of the load. If it has to be loaded into a conveyance, for example a truck, there are several loading methods, namely:

  1. V – Loading
  2. L – Loading
  3. Cross Loading
  4. Overhead Loading

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