Motor Grader or often also called Road Grader is a heavy equipment equipped with an elongated knife (blade). Its function is to flatten the surface of the land, take care of the road, peel off the soil, and spread light material during the process of construction work.

In general, the Motor Grader has 3 axles, one in the middle, the rear axle at the end of the vehicle, and the third axle is at the front end. While the engine and cabin are above.

There are six main parts on the Motor Grader unit. The six are the prime mover, skeleton or frame, sacrifier, blade or moldboard, circle and drawbar. The main driver of the Motor Grader itself is the tire wheel whose position is at the rear, while the function frame connects the front axle drive. Because the location of the frame is quite high, the machine is able to move agile when maneuvering.

When operated by the Motor Grader it is almost certain to use a moldboard or long knife whose movement is adjusted to surface conditions. Blade used usually has a length of between 3-5 meters. Depending on the field being worked on.

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