Scania Aktiebolag (publ), or better known as Scania AB, now appears as the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer from Sweden, which specializes in producing trucks and buses.

Established in 1891 in Malmo, Skåne, Sweden, Scania’s headquarters has been located in Södertälje since 1912. Today, Scania has several factories in Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Poland and Russia.

The Scania logo displays a griffin animal, which is a symbol of the province of Skåne.

Scania AB is the result of a merger of 2 companies, namely Vabis and Scania.

Vabis was founded in 1891 as a subsidiary of Surahammars Bruk, headquartered in Södertälje, to produce railroad cars. In 1902, Gustaf Erikson designed the first Vabis truck.

Until 1907, Vabis had also developed a 3-tonne truck, and despite winning the Swedish Royal Automobile Club award in 1909, this new model was not very popular.

Scania was founded in 1900 in Malmö, Sweden, and started business by producing bicycles. In 1903, Scania began producing cars. Two years later, Scania also began producing its first truck.

In 1911, the emergence of financial problems at Vabism made the two companies decide to join, and form AB Scania-Vabis.

Engine and car production was then centered in Södertälje, and truck production was centered in Malmö.

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