Limit Formula for Trigonometric Functions

limit trigonometri

Note: If π is followed by a trigonometric function the value π = 180 degrees.

The above formulas are important provisions or prerequisites to be used in calculating trigonometric limit values. Actually there are various kinds of trigonometric functions that often appear in limit problems.

In this discussion we will discuss how to solve the limit problem of trigonometric functions for x (or other variables) near zero. The following properties we use to solve the problem given.

limit fungsi

Examples of Problem Limit Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometric Limit Problem 1: Calculate the following limit,

rumus limit

Discussion Before we determine the exact value of the limit of the trigonometric function, we will estimate the limit value using a table. The table can easily be made at Ms. Excel.

contoh soal limit trigonometri

Based on the table above, we can estimate that the limit value of the function is 4. Next we specify the limit value using the limit properties of the trigonometric function.

limit fungsi aljabar

So, the limit of the given trigonometric function is 4.

Problem 2: Limit Trigonometry function try to specify a value,


Discussion We estimate the limit value of the function by using the excel function limit table below:

contoh soal limit

From the table above, we can estimate the limit value of the given function is 0.222 or 2/9. Next, we specify the limit value by using the limits of the trigonometric function.

limit tak terhingga

So, we get the limit value given function is 2/9. Well, it turns out it’s easy to find the limit for the trigonometric functions that we described above? So many reviews about () that we can write this time. Hopefully what we have learned in this article can be useful and add insight to all of us, especially for cases like trigonometry.

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