In addition to looking at the benefits and functions, you also have to see what the most important parts of this dump truck are from the final drive, front wheel, dump body, rock ejector, steering and hois tanks, head lamp, radiator, canopy spill guard, radiator, turn signal lamp and oil retarder tank. There are even two groups that differentiate dump trucks based on the load and type of construction work.

For the large side of the load, the dump truck device is divided into two, namely On High Way Dump Truck, where the load is below the capacity of 20m3, while the second type is the Off high way dump truck that provides loads above 20m3. Whereas from the construction work side, the type of dump truck itself is divided into 3 types, namely rear dump trucks that use rear-shedding techniques, side dump trucks with side-shedding technology, and reard and side dump trucks which use the back and part shedding method side.

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