The fork is the main part of the forklift. Its function is to support and lift the goods being transported. The shape of the Fork itself is two straight iron with a length of about 2.5 meters. For the record, the position of the item placed above the Pallet that enters the Fork also determines the maximum load of goods that the Forklift itself can transport.


Just like Fork, Mast is included in the main part of a Forklift vehicle. Its function is to support the performance of the Fork. Mast consists of two thick iron blades that work using the hydrolic system. Mast main functions are to tilt (lift) or lift (lifting).


This is a Forklift section that connects the Mast and Fork. In this section the Fork attaches. Other functions of the Carriage are as a backrest and also the safety of items in the Pallet. This section also has a role in the process of lifting items.


The role of the Counterweight is quite important as a counterweight to the load on the Forklift. The position itself is the opposite of the Fork section.

Overhead Guard

Overhead Guard is a Forklift section in the form of a protector to protect drivers. In other words, this protective part relates to the safety user when an incident occurs, for example when an item suddenly falls when lifted or lowered. This part also functions as a protector when it is hot and rainy.

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